Golf Etiquette

Etiquette is an integral and inextricable part of the game, which has come to define golf's values worldwide. Put simply, it is a series of guidelines that exist to show other players, whether through divot repair or awareness of your shadow, a degree of fairness which you would expect to receive in return.

In terms of golf's environment, etiquette is about showing respect for the course on which you are playing and the work that has been put in to create it. It’s about making sure that the game is played safely and that others on the course are able to enjoy the round as much as you.


In short: it’s about showing consideration to all others on the course at all times.


A quick reference guide is given below. For a detailed description, as per the R&A, please go to Etiquette.


Course Etiquette

Arrive in good time.

Make sure you have your ILGU card to swipe in, if you are playing in a competition.

Ensure you comply with the Golf Course Dress Code.

Please check notice board for any changes to Local Rules before commencing play.

Be in the vicinity of the first tee at least 10 minutes before your tee time.

Respect the golf course and the people playing on it.

Don’t play until the group in front is well out of range.

Prepare to play while your partners are playing their shots.

Park your golf bag/trolley so as to avoid any delay in moving on when you have played.

Your position on the course is always directly behind those in front of you.

If you cannot keep up, call the group behind through.

Respect and co-operate with the Course Ranger.

Don’t move, talk, stand close or cast a shadow while a player is making a stroke.

Always watch your partner’s ball to make it easy to locate it.

Ensure that your Golf Ball has an indentifying mark.

If you or your partners hit a ball in someone’s direction call FORE loud and clear.

If you take a divot replace it.

Always carry a repair tool and repair any pitch marks made by your ball on the green.

After playing from a bunker, smooth the sand with the rake provided.

Rakes should be left on the flat part of the bunker, as close to the middle as possible.

Don’t drop clubs or the flagstick on the green.

Don’t lean on your putter.

Don’t step on the line of another person’s putt.

When your group is finished on a green, move smartly to the next tee.

Replace the flagstick carefully.

Never mark score cards on a green.

Use of Mobile Phones on the course is prohibited, unless in the case of an emergency.


Enjoy your golf